Engineering is constantly evolving, after all, technological development and changes in society reflect directly in our daily lives.

To structure a work logic, softwares have become crucial: have you ever stopped to think about the agility promoted by these platforms?

Softwares are used for almost every thing in our daily lives, and it's almost unimaginable to work without it in our professional lives, isn't it?

So when we think of high competition in the marketplace, the technical mastery of these programs can be a major turning point - both for those looking for an opportunity for professional growth and for those seeking a job replacement!


The current environment requires a lot of management flexibility and agility for accurate and reliable decision making! Softwares are strategic tools that allow technicians and engineers to develop control, management and project methods.

The truth is that it does not matter if you have been trained and active for several years or if you are still in college, the need to evolve and improve is permanent.

That way, I have separated some indispensable platforms that can boost your career!

So, continue reading this article and check out its differentials and functionalities:


Know the 5 Essential Software for Engineers


1. Excel 3.0


Developed by Microsoft, Excel is suitable for engineers of all areas. With this platform, it is possible to carry out planning, statistical analysis, financial analysis, numerical simulations and forecasts in general.

When acquiring the domain in Excel, the ways to solve the most varied range of problems within companies become clearer, since it becomes possible to record information, analyze data and perform the most diverse controls.


2. MS Project 2016


Also developed by Microsoft, the MS Project  is indicated to manage three factors of your project: time, resources and scope. These conditions act independently and are subject to change in the course of the process.

If there is a change in one of the factors, the others will also be affected. By being able to utilize the advanced features of MS Project, you will be able to apply international best PMBOK® and, consequently, will enhance the results of your projects.


3. AutoCAD 2D


Created by Autodesk in 1982, this software is still one of the unanimity among engineers and architects for the development of technical drawings in two dimensions (2D) and three-dimensional (3D) drawings.

In the current versions, the AutoCAD offers the option of multiple views of the projects, in many formats, thus being more used by civil engineers.

The AutoCAD capable professional is able to design 2D projects and modify them according to the market demands and requirements of the clients.


4. VBA Applied to Business


Visual Basic for Application is a programming language used in all Office programs, its features are unique to streamline and automate, even more, all elements of Excel work.

The Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) language specialists are prepared to work on the automation of repetitive tasks in Excel, thus achieving great operational efficiency.


5. Dashboard Management


A Dashboard  is nothing more than a control panel, that is a visual presentation of the most important and necessary information to achieve one or more objectives, consolidated and adjusted on a screen for easy monitoring of a business or project.

Students and professionals who master Excel can enhance their knowledge at the advanced level in the management charts section through the Dashboard.