College is one of the most anticipated moments of our lives, it is where we will prepare ourselves, choose our profession and the niche in which we will work and experience most of our history.

It is very important to take advantage of this period in the best possible way to make our walk more fruitful and successful. This moment of preparation that the university can offer is the critical point in life.

So I decided to share my experience, what I did and did not do, on which it is worth reflecting to make the most of each moment in the trajectory of your formation.

After all, whatever happens ahead will be a reflection of what you plant now. I bet tip number 2 will surprise you, shall we?


1. Participate in integration


You want to start on the right foot, right? So, in the first period the big recommendation is in the first contacts. The integration process is characteristic of the early time of college and is also a commemorative culture because in it you will meet the people who will be with you on your journey. So, go, celebrate and make friends.

It is worth mentioning that regardless of your area, one of the most important skills is to communicate well with people, work in teams and know how to relate well. So this initial moment is already a learning of how to handle various situations and jokes.


2. Go to parties and practice networking.


Go to parties as they are an opportunity to meet new people and increase your network.

So, do not forget to attend to parties, because there are people that you can develop future business and future friends who can make a total difference in your life.


3. Do volunteer work


This is the opportunity to live outside the classroom. In the university you will have many opportunities and one of them is to participate in volunteer work or junior enterprise.

I worked in a junior enterprise and I was in the financial administrative department.

In this period I learned how to structure a business, deal with bureaucratic parts and mainly financial activities. Then I went to the people management department, also learning valuable lessons that made me a more prepared entrepreneur.

This type of work adds social and professional values, as well as being structured group work experiences, which can be a great start among all the options offered by the university.


4. Join Student Associations


If you want to engage more, a great opportunity is the academic associations that aim to represent students in order to solve student demands.

Generally, those who assume these positions develop leadership skills and assume responsibilities that result in maturation and personal development.

It is worth to mention that there is no right and wrong in these choices. There are those who go through college from start to finish and have no interest in engaging or participating in such actions, so they will naturally be in the mass of average people. But if you are interested in being the protagonist and really make a difference, think about these tips.


5. Look for scientific initiation scholarships and monitors


Being an university monitor shows that you have achieved good results and this is well-regarded by the job market. Choose a subject you like, master or have a good time, find a teacher and show interest, so your chances will be great.

There are usually lots of scholarship and monitoring opportunities and they have high turnover. I recommend that you stay for 6 months or 1 year and then go on to other challenges.


6. Participate in the cultural experience of the university


Universities have a very important social and cultural importance and encourage diverse opportunities fostering local business, economy and culture.

Try to understand the areas of action in your region and participate of experiences that can add in your career. There are booster events for startups, cultural programs, extension projects, among others.

For this you need to stay connected in the various contact platforms of your institution and social networks, so you do not miss any news.


7. Live the experience of the exchange


The exchange brings several benefits, the first of them is the command of another language besides your native language.

It is recommended to anyone who seeks knowledge everywhere, for whom it relates at a global level. Try to immerse yourself in the language and culture of your destination country.

There are the institutions' internal exchange programs. You can contact universities outside the country and spend one or two periods.

8. Do internships


Make the most possible number of internships, get to know the maximum of companies and have a diversity of experiences. Do not cling to staying too long without developing.

I understand professionals who stay 2 years within a company going through different areas, but I do not indicate someone standing doing the same activity during that time.

Every trainee has to progress, learn new things and new processes. For this, it is important to know other companies.

So choose a nice firm and strive to clearly establish your professional expectations. Large companies have trainee development programs.


9. Extension courses


Do not forget to invest in yourself and your career with complementary training courses. If you can do it, do it.

Complementary courses make us gain a competitive edge, after all, when people leave for the job market, jobs are usually directed and graduation is only the prerequisite to participate.


10. Participate in fairs and congresses


These events are a great opportunity to meet professionals and experts from your professional area, as well as meet new markets, people and activities. It is always an opportunity to think outside the box, to understand good practices and to breathe new air.