Hello! My name is Thiago Coutinho and I am currently working on management consulting projects and I’m the CEO of the Voitto Group. Well, if you already know me, you probably already know something about my career - otherwise you can check the article too Production Engineering and the Labor Market, in which I share a little bit about my choices during my training process and how it reflected in my career.

I had the opportunity to be a trainee at MRS Logística and, within the company, I was able to follow a growth trajectory. During my 4 years in the company, I grew up four times in different positions. People often ask: "Thiago, how was this process? Is there a secret? How is it possible to assume a prominent position within a company, within a private environment? "

To answer these questions, I will align with you what my work philosophy was - or what behaviors have made me go through this trajectory. Let’s go?


1. Dream High!


My first recommendation to anyone who is entering into a company, for those who are starting a new job, is to dream high! Think a lot about where you want to go, set a path of growth to reach, think about what need to be done to reach your dream!

I always recommend to create an audacious plan when defining exactly what you want to do, because I believe that when you look up high, even if you can not achieve 100% of the goal, you can reach 80%, 70% ...

And 70% of an audacious plan is already really good, don’t you agree? High dream is the first step!

2. Align Your Expectations


This second step is essential: you must clearly align your expectations with your immediate manager. The alignment of expectations is very important because it minimizes possible future frustrations!

So it is essential to make it very clear to your boss about where you want to go, what your expectations are for growth within the company, or even ask your boss for tips on how to succeed.

This sincerity is an opportunity to exchange experiences, as your manager already know how it works. So, this humility is very nice, it generates empathy, which is very positive. Always align your expectations and professional yearnings with your manager!


3. Seek Feedback


This third tip is what bring together the previous two: it's how you monitor your performance. Always seek feedback from your manager, so you will know if your behaviors, attitudes, projects and results match your professional purpose and also meet the expectations of the company in relation to your work.

After this list you can notice that if you start out in a big work environment and aligning expectations with the manager and monitoring to ensure that this expectation is achieved, the chance of success is much greater.

I recommend these three tips for you and I hope you have a successful trajectory as a production engineer or any other professional.