Project management is a topic that is growing every day and the mastery of this art is becoming more and more necessary in the job market. So, we have MS Project, which is the most used project management software in the world.

If you do not know what MS Project is, you probably already have seen it at least in the Office Suite and even asked yourself what it is for or when it should be used. Maybe you even thought it was just another software to complete the package, right? You could not be more wrong.

The MS Project is what allows the person responsible for planning, executing or controlling a series of related activities, working in line with the resource use, costs, schedule and other areas of the PMBOK (World Guide to Good Project Management Practices ).

Microsoft Project allows you to determine the best solution from your business need.


Why is MS Project important?


As important as knowing what MS Project is, is knowing its importance. MS Project is a project management software and acts in different stages of management. However, the spheres in which it is most directly related are in planning and control missions.

It is the world's most widely accepted software for Project Management for its ease of use and application versatility.


What is MS Project for?


Now you know what MS Project is and its importance, but what exactly is it for?

The use of MS Project is fundamental to ensure the success of project planning and execution. Through its application, managers can manage resources, evaluate budgets, create schedules, measure performance, analyze opportunities and assess risks.

With the correct use of this software, you have total control over your projects and you are prepared to make strategic decisions.

Through its use, you can also idealize and schedule activities, track deadlines, set costs, assign resources, and qualify the degree of importance of a project as a whole.

MS Project has become popular especially because of the versatility of adapting to different circumstances. Now, imagine yourself in some of these steps…

You have to make a big decision about your project and this can define its success - so you ask yourself: how to ensure a successful choice? What is the best way?

That's where MS Project comes in to give you quick answers to frequently asked questions right now. The most common questions are:


  • What tasks do I need to perform?

  • Is there any order to execute them?

  • How will I know the deadlines for each task?

  • Who will be involved in these processes?

  • What will be the expenses?

  • How should I communicate the particularities of the project to whoever is involved in the project?

  • What is the critical path that can lead to delays within the stipulated deadline?


You will be able to clarify all these issues when applying MS Project to your project.


In what areas do I need MS Project?


If you are a manager, a engineer or any professional who is responsible for planning, executing or controlling a number of related activities - you will certainly use MS Project in your day to day live.

But you do not have to be a project manager to take advantage of this tool. It can help you organize a project like painting your house, buying a car and keeping it, and even building a tree house! You can see that it's a very useful software, isn’t it?