Leadership is a skill increasingly required by companies, isn't it? Well, for some people it may even be a differential, but for the project manager this is an essential skill for achieving success in his work.

We will understand the importance of leadership in project management and what are the effects of this behavior on the work environment and the progress of projects undertaken by the company.


Creation of a Work Environment More Harmonious


A good leader will know how to ease the conflicts that will naturally arise during the execution of a project, promoting a more harmonious and productive work environment.

Every time we deal with a group of people, there is divergence of ideas, and this increases with the growth of the number of people on a project team.

At this point we will see the importance of leadership in project management, as the project manager will need to have the skills necessary to reach a point of mutual agreement between all parties, trying to keep everyone interested.


Increasing Productivity


To increase productivity in a company's projects it is necessary to have a project-oriented organizational structure, with the figure of a well-defined project manager.

This structure ensures that there is a person in charge of the project, someone who will make the decisions and guide this project to the direction it should take. Without the figure of the leader, the project is left without a direction, and conflicts of interest will arise, because each one will tend to follow in a different direction.


Better trained employees


A good leader should train his or her team so that everyone is able to understand the project requirements and perform tasks according to specifications. If the employees do not understand their job well, it may end up as a problem to the execution of the project.

This is where we see the importance of leadership in project management, because the attitude of the leader will reflect a more positive and collaborative attitude by the subordinates. Remember that a team is as good as its leader.


Maximum potential


A project manager with active leadership will know how to take advantage of the maximum potential of his team, exploring the capabilities of each one and also adapting to the characteristics of the employees.

The subordinates must feel important for the project, they must feel that their presence makes the difference, that they are not only there to compose the team. In this scenario, we see the importance of having committed leadership with the project and with the group working on it.


Good Leadership Makes a Difference


As we have seen, leadership has great importance in project management. Before having the technical skills, the project manager needs to be a good leader, so that the project can achieve its total productivity, the employees feel important and the environment is conducive to work.