Excel is an essential tool for managing indicators and manipulating data. But that you already know, right?

Have you ever wondered what to do when you're out of your computer and need to update or get some Excel information?

With that in mind, Microsoft has developed an Office Suite for you to use anywhere with the help of smartphones. Cool, huh?

If you want to know more about Excel for Android, keep reading this post.


What is Excel for Android?


Excel for Android, as the name itself says, is nothing more than a version of Microsoft Excel that works on the Android operating system.

In addition to Office for Android, Microsoft Office software is also available for the iOS system of iPhones.

Here are some features and differences between traditional Excel and Excel for Android. Let's see?


Ready-made models


You must be there thinking that it must be very difficult to use this tool on a mobile device, right? I also had this fear and resistance when I started using this alternative, but I assure you it's not complicated.

Workbooks in Excel for Android are simplified and modeled to fit this version. When you are going to create new spreadsheets in Excel for Android, some specific models compatible with your smartphone are automatically given to you.

The formatting options and advanced features make it easy to read and use the workbooks is modified to best fit the screen size of the device used. Features like sorting and filtering columns help you focus on reviewing.


Work from anywhere


With Excel for Android, you can review Excel files on any device, edit data and update to-do lists from almost anywhere.

Features are similar to desktop version, however Excel for Android has some limitations in this version.

Its purpose is not to perform everything that its original version has the ability to do, but to perform routine functions at any time, for situations that you are without access to the computer.

On touch devices, in the drawing guide in Excel you can create shapes, highlight data, make notes, and create mathematical equations with ease.


Spreadsheet Shares


Just like Excel online, in Excel for Android you can also share your spreadsheets with other users, or edit it or migrate it from another device.

To perform sharing, simply copy the contents of the spreadsheet to the body of an email message, for example, by keeping the format intact.

In addition, it is also feasible to attach or copy a link to the workbook for other forms of sharing.


What are the requirements to use Excel for Android?


First of all, it is important to check the version of your operating system, since for Excel online it is necessary that the version is KitKat (4.4.X) or higher.

Also, the RAM of your smartphone must be at least 1 GB.

For devices with a 10.1-inch screen or lower, simply access Office with a free Microsoft account.

It is important to note that this application is provided by Microsoft or by an outsourced application publisher and is subject to a privacy policy and different terms and conditions, varying according to the platform on which the app is downloaded.