Have you noticed that "having mastery in Excel" is a common prerequisite in job descriptions? It's because this tool can be used both to better control the monthly expenses of our homes, and to handle a large amount of data easily and quickly at work.

Although it is a simple tool, there are a number of advanced features that most people are unaware of. This is the big mistake many applicants make when doing a job interview: judging they have advanced knowledge of the software, when in fact they have no idea how to create their own spreadsheets, filter data, use pivot tables, create macros , etc.

With an increasingly competitive job market, you always have to stay one step ahead of running for a job. In order for your knowledge in Excel not to be a limitation in your professional life, it is important to be able to avoid the risk of being eliminated at the time of selection.  

If you have not yet realized the need to study and deepen this tool, it's time to change!


9 reasons to learn Excel!  


1. Excel is more than a differential in the job market


Knowing Excel nowadays is not only a differential in the curriculum, having this type of knowledge has become a prerequisite for entering the job market. Only then you can meet the first requirements of the companies.


2. Excel will not be exthinguished


Time goes by and Excel is still the software most used by companies. Contrary to what many people think, Excel will not be extinguished any time soon. It will remain for a long time in the market, because there is no rival at the same level of Microsoft to develop and support a software with such functionalities.


3. It has a universal language


There will always be those who will argue that Excel is not as good as another program. However, no one can deny that, because it has a universal language, it continues to be the software most used by companies around the world.


4. Speed when handling a large amount of data


In addition to being able to add, subtract, divide and multiply numbers automatically, without the help of a calculator, Excel is a great tool for managing, sharing and analyzing a large database quickly and efficiently.


5. Helps companies gain time


Every business knows what their most valuable asset is time. By using Excel in troubleshooting, your work can be automated, saving you many hours of repetitive tasks.


6. It has analytical function to create reports


In order for companies to serve their customers in the best possible way, it is essential to collect data, analyze them, draw conclusions and present this information to the board. With Excel you can extract this information and then create studies and reports in general.


7. Ability to build dynamic charts


Spreadsheets made in Excel are very useful for organizing numbers, but sometimes this data is numerous and complex. Using a Pivot Chart is a way to visually demonstrate the data analysis of a worksheet. It is a powerful resource so that the information presented is well understood by those who are watching.


8. Excel is a portable application


Worksheets made with Excel are lightweight and can be stored and sent easily by emails, pen drives, cell phones, etc. Also, if you need to use Excel on someone else's computer, that's fine, because every Windows has Excel in its software package.


9. Investing in your qualification is always a good business


In general, Excel courses are not very extensive, but they are an excellent investment for those who want to get their first job, return to the job market or even to upgrade and advance in your career.